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The whole world of professional media technology

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Media technology

The applications for media technology are constantly changing with the times. New devices and standards are constantly being introduced into our workflows. Classic media technology is now complemented by electronic bussystems and controls, making a highly-automated high-tech product. In this sector, Leonhardt Media provides support in selecting the required and necessary systems. The team of technicians installs all components which are necessary for the implementation of complex projects according to the needs of clients and users.

Most of the media equipment remains invisible to future users. Thus, it is vital to make the day-to-day operations easy.

Leonhardt Media develops holistic concepts from the outset, taking into consideration all existing and future interfaces for the equipment of today and tomorrow.

Even at home, when listening to music in all rooms, enjoying a film in the home cinema, accessing images from a video monitoring system, setting up a video conferences, surfing on the Internet or simply making phone calls – we develop the right technical solution which is easy and comfortable to use.

In dealing with state-of-the-art technology, Leonhardt Media plans for the future, providing maximum security of investments.